As a small business owner, I’ve relied on Miclean Tax for many years to provide knowledge and expertise that I would otherwise overlook, saving me both time and money. I consider Miclean Tax a trusted business advisor, guiding me on issues of compliance and legitimate deductions, and ways to avoid potential penalties. Miclean Tax enables me to focus on my business and what I do best.

Ted Korosy
T-KOR Plumbing

As a client of Miclean Tax since 1998, I depend upon trusted and skilled tax advice. As life changes and grows more complex, I value the expertise and direction Miclean Tax provides for me and my family.

Simon Hague

Miclean Tax has been my tax preparer for almost 15 years, and over the years I’ve not only entrusted my personal tax return to them, but Miclean Tax is working with my mother and also now manages the return for our family trust. Having one place for all our tax needs is not only convenient, but ensures all details are taken care of and nothing is missed.

April Wallach

Miclean Tax is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They have saved us lots of headaches over the years, as well as cash! Their office is laid back and they know their stuff. They always have time for tax questions throughout the year. As our taxes have gotten more complex over the years, their expertise has been invaluable. I have referred many satisfied friends to Miclean Tax over the years and highly recommend.

Rates are very reasonable. Best money I spend each year not having a tax headache!

Jenn McKim

I would highly recommend Miclean tax service. They are extremely professional and helpful to the needs of theirs customers. Most importantly for me they are folks who I can trust.

Glenn Wong

I have been relying on Miclean Tax Service for over 15 years for trusted tax advice and strategy.

As a realtor in business for myself, and managing a partnership and corporation, sound tax advice is not only essential, but also key to my success. I consider Miclean Tax a valued business consultant for both my professional and personal tax needs.

Tina Peterson,

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